To Octavia – They Tell Me They’re With Me (Single)

You know the feeling when you hear a new single from a band that you've not heard of before and the track is that good you scramble through their Spotify in hope every other song is on the same level? Muttering to yourself, ''Who the fuck is this band? They're from Melbourne? Am I out of touch?"... Continue Reading →

Byron Bay Brewery Lager

Knock off time. End of the day when it's time to wind down, head home and get rested for the next. Not you? Yeah me as well, when i look at my watch it reads beer o'clock not five o'clock. You immediately drive to the closest Dan Murphy's, narrowly missing parked cars as you Vin... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening

I’ve recently turned 30, I've never been called charming and I've tried to reinvent my look a few times - frosted tips...weight loss...the usual. Mostly with little success. So, I’m uniquely placed to review the new iteration of the 1993 Nintendo Game Boy Classic, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.  You ask, why did I... Continue Reading →

Album Review – About Monsters

There is something about, About Monsters. If you circle back to our Small Band Big Sound post you’ll find that I (Schnitzski), in particular, really loved the three singles released – it has the right kind of heavy riffs with a pace and urgency that keeps you engaged. The power vocal work from Maddy ties... Continue Reading →

Sly Withers EP ”Gravis”

Northern Perth quartet Sly Withers have not only made waves in the past year, but surfed those waves all the way to the shore. This year has seen them sign with Universal sub-label Dew Process, support Slowly Slowly on a sold out tour around Oz, receive steady air time on Triple J - and have... Continue Reading →

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