Thousand Below-Gone In Your Wake

Different. That’s important to say, this sound is different, they have tried something different and ran with it, to release a solid sophomore record. You’ve got less drawing scream, swapped with more calm and considered vocal breaks. But you’re still getting that drum work that you love, some changes in the guitars, as they lost... Continue Reading →

Culture House’s Raspberry Berliner Wiesse Beer

What is your favourite berry….? No one asked ever. I’ll tell you anyways. It is a toss up between a strawberry and a raspberry. Both versatile. Both delicious. Both ruin my white shirt.  So when I saw this tall eye catching vessel with the words ‘Raspberry Berliner Wiesse Beer’, I needed to buy it and... Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Oil by Young Henrys

You're at your local. Whilst you're waiting for the latest pale ale they just got on taps, you hear someone order "Black thanks mate". Invariably, the person ordering a schooner of black is about 3 times bigger than you, sporting a flannel shirt with acres of chest hair poking out the front. Black beers are... Continue Reading →

Brookvale Union Ginger Beer

Brookvale Union Ginger Beer stood out to me and my friend mostly because we hadn’t had a ginger beer in a while and by god, we had a yearning for it! Ginger Beer is an acquired taste with a mixture of fermented ginger spice, yeast, and sugar. It isn’t for everyone, but as I quite... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening

I’ve recently turned 30, I've never been called charming and I've tried to reinvent my look a few times - frosted tips...weight loss...the usual. Mostly with little success. So, I’m uniquely placed to review the new iteration of the 1993 Nintendo Game Boy Classic, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.  You ask, why did I... Continue Reading →

Reside’s EP The Light That You Saw.

Melbourne, an ever overflowing pint of melodic alt/hardcore artists. This city births groups quicker than the hipster cafes can charge you $18 for a long black, it's just beans and water for Christ sake! Now I love coffee, but my thirst for these types of groups far out ways "overpriced black water. " Do you... Continue Reading →

Album Review – About Monsters

There is something about, About Monsters. If you circle back to our Small Band Big Sound post you’ll find that I (Schnitzski), in particular, really loved the three singles released – it has the right kind of heavy riffs with a pace and urgency that keeps you engaged. The power vocal work from Maddy ties... Continue Reading →

Willie Smiths’s Organic Apple Cider

Big ol’ Willie Smith. He is a decedent of convicts and planted his first tree in the 1800’s. That tree was the first in the orchard that is still picked from today to make Willie Smith’s Organic Apple Cider. It's from Huon Valley in Tasmania - some great soil and some of the best water... Continue Reading →

Small Band Big Sound – Doonie Way

If you’ve walked past garages in Gippsland, Victoria, you may have heard some quality, chill, surf rock. If you look closer, emerging from that garage are the boys from Doonie Way who are chasing sunsets and bringing good vibes and even better tunes with them. After dropping their first single Summer in September last year,... Continue Reading →

Sly Withers EP ”Gravis”

Northern Perth quartet Sly Withers have not only made waves in the past year, but surfed those waves all the way to the shore. This year has seen them sign with Universal sub-label Dew Process, support Slowly Slowly on a sold out tour around Oz, receive steady air time on Triple J - and have... Continue Reading →

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