Atticus – 47 (music video)

-In memory of Ray Comiskey- In the deafeningly quiet and untouched moors of Ireland, if your lucky, you might just hear in the distance a monster drop into a chorus with some grungy and Smokey vocals attached. You’d be confused to begin with, but then find out that its actually the band Atticus smashing out... Continue Reading →

While She Sleep – Fakers Plague (Single)

Sheffield metal core band ''While She Sleeps'' have dropped a brand new track ''Fakers Plague'' and not in same fashion as one normally would. They debut the single in a hidden, underground location in Sheffield-accompanied with a hypnotic staged holographic video experience. Fakers Plague being the first we've heard from the band since SO WHAT? earlier... Continue Reading →

Lazybones – ‘Trash Talk’ (New Single)

Brighton(UK) based alt-rock triangle Lazybones have released their new explosive track 'Trash Talk' to SaySomething Records on October 9. The track has already gained countless reviews and has playlisted them on Kerrang! Radio, BBC Radio and Amazing Radio. After a successful UK tour at the beginning of 2019, their series of fast-paced live shows combined with their nostalgic, DIY style has quickly become a point of discussion. Inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath and the Sex Pistols, Lazybones produce a trashy unapologetic, to-the-point... Continue Reading →

Polaris – ‘Masochist’ (New Single)

A complex silhouette hanging like a marionette. That’s some dark stuff, and right on par from the powerful and crushing work from the Sydney boys. Masochist - Polaris Ahead of the release of their sophomore album in February 2020. The Sydney metalcore heavyweights have burst into my ears with their newest release Masochist. Much like... Continue Reading →

South West Sour by Colonial Brewing Co.

Just a lovely beer. That’s it. That’s the review. That’s all I need to say really.  This tangy delight from a little brewery in Margaret River, WA, does big things for me taste wise.  Colonial Brewing Co. (CBCo), have been popping up on my radar a lot more of late, with a range of drinks... Continue Reading →

Thousand Below-Gone In Your Wake

Different. That’s important to say, this sound is different, they have tried something different and ran with it, to release a solid sophomore record. You’ve got less drawing scream, swapped with more calm and considered vocal breaks. But you’re still getting that drum work that you love, some changes in the guitars, as they lost... Continue Reading →

Small Band Big Sound- Highline

Since forming early 2019 Sydney newborns 'Highline' are slowly creating a buzz in the live music scene, recently selling out The Vanguard for their single launch, 'Mirror.' After jamming together throughout highschool the lads have shaped their sound around artists such as Catfish & the Bottleman, DMA's and Powderfinger and we fortunately had the privilege... Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Oil by Young Henrys

You're at your local. Whilst you're waiting for the latest pale ale they just got on taps, you hear someone order "Black thanks mate". Invariably, the person ordering a schooner of black is about 3 times bigger than you, sporting a flannel shirt with acres of chest hair poking out the front. Black beers are... Continue Reading →

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