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What is DVOWR?

You know those drinking sessions where things quiet down at 2am, some people have gone to bed and a handful of people are sitting round the fire, talking shit? After talking about your shitty week at work, conversation inevitably moves to “we should buy a bar” or “we should start making our own gin”.

After poking holes in those ideas, we thought about game streaming and expanded from there.

We needed a name. One person recently had a baby, so that’s where we started. “What else do we like? Food, music, games, beer. Hmmmmmm…. Beer Music Gaming.” “nah, Baby Meat Gaming?” “it may be 3am, and we may have had that whole bottle of vodka after drinking all the gin and beer, but that’s the best name I’ve ever heard”.

The fairytale began.

After reading the fairytale back at a “business meeting” at the bar. We realised this fairytale needs a better name. One that doesn’t make us sound like a creepy gaming company. Or that we sell meat. 

So what do we do? We consume content and review it. A quick think of synonyms for consume and DVOWR was born. 

Soon after, we realised, between the two of us, we have very few skills in the way of design, or life for that matter. So we soon enlisted the help of close friend Sam. As our Creative Director. She being the one with any real talent, we made sure to clinch the deal with a handshake and a pint.

DVOWR is designed to be a platform to review and spruik the things that we like. A reference and resource point for fans to pick up some recommendations on what to drink, what to listen to and what to play. We love to drink, we love to listen to choons and we love to play video games. They are things we know a lot about and often express passionate opinions about.

If I’m honest, we just wanted a platform to get some of our opinions out there and hopefully get some free drinks to review, or some tickets to band gigs. Our ambitions extend far beyond that – but start small, stay focused and commit… who knows where it will go.

DVOWR is for you to pop in, pick up a drink and album recommendations for your weekend and impress your friends with some rare finds. DVOWR is for us to express our opinions on things that we love, and see if we can rally a few people around it as well.

Then we can look at buying a bar and making our own gin.

Who is DVOWR?

DVOWR is made up of two best friends (that wouldn’t admit it to each other) brought together by sisters to make family events bearable – made easier by sharing similar passions. Our foundation of friendship was formed by similar tastes in music and the ability to drink more than everyone in the room. Playing PlayStation together almost every night only served to make our connection stronger, and make our partners like us less.

We are always ready to DVOWR new content. Hungry to hear fresh new music. Thirsty for a drink and always ready to play a game.

So if you’re an aspiring artist with some new music, send it through! If you’ve got some drinks that you want us to review, grab us a glass. Or if you’ve worked hard on a game and want to share it with the world – DVOWR is the place to start.

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