Chris Mcguinness

Gamer Tag -(Ps4) Creez2far

A good old boy from regional Victoria. He’s got a baby in tow and an awesome partner. He can drink a terrifying amount, whilst telling you the funniest story you’ve ever heard. He’s never turned down a beer and loves music. In recent years, he’s delved into more of the Australian Music scene with the help of Schnitzski and Triple J.

He is ready to do away with that tradie life and listen to music, drink and play games all day whilst taking care of his cute baby. Just give him an excuse to quit his job.

Favourite artists include: Violent Soho, The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi.
Favourite album of all time: Sempiternal – Bring Me the Horizon / Chemical Miracle -Trophy Eyes / Throw me in the river – The Smith Street Band
Band you miss: Crime In Stereo
Favourite drinks: Anything but Sambuca
Favourite games: Nba2k and most first person shooters.

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