DVOWR is here to give you the odd drink recommendation for your weekend. Maybe try and impress your friends with something different and strange available at your place.

Perhaps you’re worried about that date you have coming up and are unsure what to get that will be enjoyed, whilst pretending you know something about it.

Perhaps you’re just overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choice you have. Well you’re in luck. We’ve got your beers, wine and spirits sorted.

South West Sour by Colonial Brewing Co- This tangy delight from a little brewery in WA, does big things for me.

Culture House’s Raspberry Berliner Wiesse Beer– Whats your favourite berry?

Brookvale Union Ginger Beer– With a can that eye-catching what could go wrong?

Willie-smiths -Organic-Apple Cider – No Pesticides for this guy!

Social Beast by Brewmanity –  Make something positive out of your drinking habit.

Passion Victim by Two Birds Brewing – It sounded summery, it looked summery. If it is anything like Australian favourite Passiona – we’re in for a treat. 

“As I took my first sip, of my first ever beer review, I realised… Maybe I wasn’t cut out for this…” The Amazing Wakachangi Lager.

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