Dance Gavin Dance – Prisoner (Single)

I’ve been extremely lucky to trek through this life with an amazing father named Gavin, but unfortunately after a few Passion fruit UDL’S he does like to dance/convulse – so you could imagine this introduction has been hard for me. What helps ease the reoccurring nightmares is the announcement of DANCE GAVIN DANCE’s upcoming ninth album, ”Afterburner” – due to be released on the 24th of April. If that wasn’t enough to shake the burning image of my dad ‘Gavin’ getting down to a Cold Play track, the Sacramento champs have also included their first single from the album,

Dance Gavin Dance continually turn their back on the rinsed methods of generic music, merging post-hardcore and progressive rock with hefty funk, brilliantly combining trial and error music with hooks and a fucked-up sense of humor. 2018’s Artificial Selection crashed into the Billboard 200 Chart at No.13 and went on to sell over 112k copies and counting. In the America alone, the group has stockpiled over 610 million streams, with 840,000 albums sold across their discography.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Prisoner is a brilliant, energetic rollercoaster ride that is violent, melodic and unrestrained in equal parts. Front-man Tillian Pearson’s voice compares to the pitch of a violin but has a softness that’s like floating on a cloud, while the unclean harsh vocals of Jon Mess snap you out of the daydream propelling you forward throughout this Synth-funk-Hardcore-Groove track (yes, that’s what this is). I get vibes of the 70’s band ”Yes” (Track – Owner of a lonely heart), and have not a clue why, but if they have shifted to Post-Hardcore,
I’m in.

Jon Mess’ guttural vocals growl-

”Well Billy backs abortion and eye cream
Smokes a pack of Christian Bale
And fucks on an island
Well smooth as oscillation of sine waves
Get off the high horse and fly the spy plane
Classic acid
Put me back in the casket
Weave me into the fabric
The filter is freaking out.”

If you thought those lyrics were different, get an eyeful of the video-clip for the single. Pre-warning if you have any vision conditions, probably give it a miss – I’ve never done acid before but I’m 80% sure this is what it’s like.

Afterburner, will be released on Friday, 24th April via Rise Records and BMG Australia – and is available now for pre-order at

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