Halo Alcoholic Kombucha

Now that we are into February and gotten through the socially intense time of December and January. The taste for alcoholic beverages has probably worn thin or at the least started to be difficult to choose what to buy or how you feel when staring at hundreds of bottles and cans vying for your attention.

Enter: Halo Alcoholic Kombucha.

Light and summery in flavour this 355ml can is taking its lead from the ever-growing popularity in Kombucha, a fermented black and/or green tea drink that contains live probiotic culture. It’s widely available these days in most supermarkets and health food stores because of its health benefits for your gut as well as being low in sugar and fat.

Loving a glass of Kombucha regularly, as the fizziness and the fermented flavour is a great alternative to alcohol during the week or for those poor designated drivers. But Halo stood out when deciding on a perfect drink to start an evening for a girl’s night. The simply designed can stood out but the bold lettering of ‘Kombucha’ really sealed the deal and I had to try it. With only two flavours at the moment, Berry Lime and Lemon Ginger, hopefully, more will be coming because I really enjoyed it and highly recommend Halo.

Its tagline says it all “Enjoy today and tomorrow”, less than one gram of sugar per can and a 4.0% alc/vol., it definitely feels light with an almost beer-like earthiness. The Berry Lime was more unique in its smell and taste, with much more depth of flavour. The Lemon Ginger on the hand was more like a traditionally tasting, light and refreshing Kombucha drink. If you’re in a cider mood, both of these flavours can be a great alternative if you’re looking for something different or unusual.

If I hadn’t also drunk copious amounts of Brut and staying up until 3 am watching adorable babies doing hilarious things on Youtube, I would have felt great the next day! It doesn’t leave the heaviness or sickly sugar taste that beer or ciders can have. This drink has a moreish-ness that doesn’t have the guilt factor along with it.  I will definitely keep this in mind for the next movie night or pre-drinks with friends.     

At this point in time Halo only has an Instagram account you can follow and looks to be only available at BWS stores at the reasonable price of $20 for four cans.

I give Halo Alcoholic Kombucha:

Author// Sam Howson

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