Stand Atlantic – Shh! (Single)

God damn Stand Atlantic, I know I say it from time to time as we review things here at DVOWR. But this powerful four piece is a huge favourite of mine. Bonnie Fraser is the definition of a power punk rock vocalist, perfectly supported by the band that manage to emphaises her soaring vocal work, while giving you a proper beat, some great rock riffage and just a banging tune. 

Even more present on their newest single release Shh! Which is a fresh cut from the very hotly anticipated sophomore album. I loved their debut album, 2018’s Skinny Dipping. So do yourself a Rod Laver (favour) and jump on that. But give this new one an ear first.

Shh! Is a song that makes you stop and think about what you are saying. Is it even your words? Are we all not just regurgitating garbage that we see online? Is this antivaxx, flat earth, Coronavirus (COVID-19) misinformation garbage the new normal that is just accepted? Well Stand Atlantic say Shh! Keep your bullshit to yourself. “You better think with your mouth before you shout ‘til you bleed”. Not only is this an actual powerful line that gives you the perfect images of people just reading unsourced information and passing it on with a stubborn, undebatable will, that if they read it, it’s true. This is a fucking belter of a chorus. 

Bonnie’s voice captures that throaty soaring vocal on the end of those lines which I love, but effortlessly brings it back to continue sending that message. Think before you talk. Perfectly complimented by the band, the drums are solid and carry the song forward, exploding when the song demands it. The tight riffs support the vocal work really well. This is a tight outfit that feel a lot more experienced than a group of Aussies putting together their second album. The production is solid, with some interesting instrumentation and use of other electronic elements that round out the song and make it more than your average rock steady jam. 

The ethos of this whole thing I feel is be your own person, and speak your own message. Regardless of your position in todays world, there will be someone that will listen. The downside of which, is everyone will do that, and that is where we get the mis information from. But if people take the time to research and let their passion through. People will listen. Bonnie mentioned in an interview “don’t let anyone speak their thoughts into your throat”. Bang on. 

I wrote this article on release day, a particularly strong release day actually. New Tame impala album, new Polaris song, new Smitty’s, and this song I’ve listened to far more than the rest. Give this song a run. Give this band some support. They are playing download festival in March. If their stage show is anything like the energy on this track. That’s a get! 

Author//Stefan Szarski

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