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A Swift Farewell – Breathless Breathing (Small Band Big Sound)

A month into 2020 and we’ve found a feature Small Band Big Sound to run with. So, we start off with a pop punk Sydney based 5-piece. I drafted some components of this article earlier this year and had some just great jokes about farewell to a decade and starting a new one with some sing along pop punk riffage form the aptly named A Swift Farewell. Those jokes don’t land now, but their most recent release lands very well.

Their new song Breathless Breathing released February 7th smacks of getting back up when people want to keep you down. In that almost nostalgic early thousands punk vibe with some more modern spin.

You can draw audible parallels with DVOWR favourites Stand Atlantic. I don’t want it to sound like that is due to a Female vocal lead that has a bit of range and showcases it. Although they do have that in common. But more so as a complete package of punchy guitar riffs supported by that oh so comforting pop punk percussion and bass lines. There is a grit to the guitar that fans of the genre will appreciate.

Breathless Breathing changes it up in the middle and exchanges some deeper lyrics for an anthemic sing a long chant that would be a crowd pleaser at a live gig. Emma Mather (vocalist) in the video clip definitely has a certain command of the camera in the band scenes, which I can only assume would be reflected in their live show as well.

The song itself is somewhat simplistic in nature, but in such a relatable way. One of those songs that if you’re having a day where you keep coming up against obstacles, you put this on and you’d feel it is almost entirely about you. Whether or not that comforts you, or you feel someone is scoring your life who’s to say (I often feel like my life is a low quality Truman Show). But at the very least it speaks that you aren’t alone in anything that you are going through. Humanity shares all experiences, some more unique than others, but none so unique that you are the only one living this life.

More to that point, we think you won’t be alone in getting a kick out of this song.

I know DVOWR isn’t alone in looking forward to what 2020 and beyond has in store for A Swift Farewell. Talk of an EP, hopefully accompanied by a tour.

Give their track Breathless Breathing a run wherever you stream your music from and while you’re there have a listen to their earlier release What You Wanted.

Author//Stefan Szarski

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