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Byron Bay Brewery Lager

Knock off time. End of the day when it’s time to wind down, head home and get rested for the next. Not you? Yeah me as well, when i look at my watch it reads beer o’clock not five o’clock.

You immediately drive to the closest Dan Murphy’s, narrowly missing parked cars as you Vin Diesel yourself into an empty space. As you sprint down never ending aisles of wine, you’re met with that cold, golden glow of the beer section. You rip apart your velcro wallet you’ve had since the age of 12 only to be hit in the face with a measly $25.

But this isn’t were your quest ends my friend your father didn’t raise a quitter, your notoriously known as not being the sharpest tool in the shed but when it comes to getting pissed on a bargain, your Albert Einstein so of course you have a members card. Your eyes scan through the member priced beers and you do a double take on a six pack of Byron Bay Premium Lager for $11.60. You sprint to the checkout,
”Two six packs darl, that’s all for today, cheers.”

You crack the lid off with an old lighter you find under the seat, your apprentice looks half impressed, your confidence peaks. You take the first sip and politely explain, ”You might as well drive these are not bad.” ( little does he know, you have said that about every beer you have ever had)

One… Two… Three… Four… empty bottles clink around on the floor.

You find Byron Bays Premium Lager not being the most flavoursome beer, it’s nothing special, it doesn’t stand out. If you were blind tasting with Carlton Dry you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, but on this day at $11.60 a six pack – they are like nectar from the gods.

At 4.2% and a 335ml bottle its disappointing they didn’t give me that extra 20ml, but at least your frothy will never get warm (not that it ever would). If your a fan of Carlton Dry, Corona or even Great Northern – this is the beer for you. If your a Dan’s member, it’s even ”at a much cheaper price”.

The Brewery itself has a rich history with over 35 years of live music, including hosting incredible artists like The Ramones, Paul Kelly, Crowded House, Ziggy Alberts, Polish Club and the first ever Bluesfest held in 1990. Another added bonus is the bottle caps, there stamped underneath with the names of the musicians that have played at the brewery and what year they did. A perfect talking point for BBQ’s where you could run out of shit to say (Not that this bloke ever does).

 I have been buying this beer religiously the last few weeks and while not being the best tasting beer its definitely refreshing, I see a long term relationship with this beer.

Author// Chris Mcguinness

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