Polaris – Hypermania (single)

Hey there, been a while. Hope you’re well.

They always say “new year, new you”. Fuck that. It’s the same old DVOWR you know and love. But new year, some banging new music. We kick this year off with something to absolute beat that ear drum of yours.

Fast becoming DVOWR’s heavy outlet to break necks at 2am after 8 hours of drinking. Polaris follow up their incredible single Masochist with a god damn punch in the ear. See our quick review of Masochist here (easily one of my favourite songs of 2019).

“Here we go again…. I’ve been up, I’ve been down everyday….” And my neck hurts like hell. Hypermania is the next release birthed of overflowing nervous energy, fate is coming.

This song essentially holds you down and not so politely tells you about losing your sanity, your grip on what’s real, Lost the plot from losing so much sleep. Pleading, desperate for help. “Something to take off the edge, a little medicine…a week in a hospital bed”. “Can you tell me how to save my soul?”

Seriously, just looking at the lyrics online. This is some brutal and powerful stuff.

The song just hits with a deep pit of emptiness, struggling LOUDLY with what may be your fate, something is coming for you and you are running out of time! These guys are “Cocked like a shot gun…and got a bone to pick with everyone”.

This song is an absolute monster of a track. Add it to your gym play list, add it to your angst play list, add it to your funeral play list as you may break your neck listening to it. RIP my speakers in the best possible way.

I can absolutely not wait for their forthcoming album “The Death Of Me” in February. Seeing these guys live would be pretty epic, however I’m not so sure I’d survive the pit, and I’m ok with that!

Author// Stefan Szarski

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