10 Quick Questions with Rozu.

After the release of their new gut wrenching single ”Fading,” Denver, Colorado based post-hardcore heavy hitters ROZU took some time to shoot the shit and answer 10 quick questions. From ”what albums they’d bring to a deserted island,” to ”what they think of our homeland heroes HANDS LIKE HOUSES” – we were sure to ask all the important questions (well mostly).

Your name Rozu translates to rose in Japanese, is there a story behind the name?

Yes a small little story. Basically we wanted something simple and memorable, no long names or completely cliché names. Rozu was on a list of like 20 names and in the end we loved the symbology of the rose with this project. A rose is super well put together and beautiful, the name for us symbolizes this new blooming life within each member from our past endeavors failing or just not going the way we wanted. We are a blooming rose.

How did you guys meet is there an epic origin story?

Not really an epic story to be completely honest. The band started with me (Tim) and DJ getting together and writing some heavier music after our previous band dissolved, at this point we brought in our producer Tyler Ruehl to figure out who the hell we were going to be as musicians. After some music was completed we decided we only wanted like-minded individuals and people who were the drivers of their current or past bands. A band can’t just be one or two people working their ass off to succeed, and in the end Henry and Brian were the only other musicians we wanted to join us with this new chapter. From there we just continued quietly writing for a little over a year before announcing the project.

I know this question is asked to every band since the dawn of time but, What is your biggest influences?

For this band we really draw a lot of influence from Wage War, Underoath, Like Moths to Flames, and The Plot in You.

What is your go-to song when jumping in the car?

Really depends on my mood, lately my car/phone have been picking songs for me and I can’t lie it will 8/10 times throw on my friends in Thousand Below’s new album with the first song Chemical. If you have yet to listen to them do yourselves a favor and spin that shit cause they are incredible musicians and on the rise.

First album you ever bought?

The first album I ever purchased with my own money was Tool’s Aenima. My dad was a big Tool guy and it rubbed off on me at a very early age. Funny story about that one, I actually bought that for him for his birthday and I ended up letting him listen to it then stole it back because I love that album.

Your sent to a deserted island to live forever and you can only bring three albums, which ones are coming?

  • Underoath Define the Great Line.
  • The Plot In You Dispose
  • Then any Tool or 30 Seconds to Mars album which would have to be a random draw.

Is there any Australian bands that you’re interested in?

I am absolutely in love with Hands Like Houses and they can seriously do no wrong when it comes to their music.

Drink of choice? (Alcohol)

Being from the birthplace in Colorado I am a simple Coors Light kind of guy, if I’m feeling fancy it is a simple Whiskey Ginger Ale or a Vodka soda (only Ocean Vodka or Tito’s though).

What is your favourite song to perform/play of yours?

I really love playing Anchor. It is such a fun nonstop energy kind of song and the fans have really grown to love that song as well.

What does 2020 have in store for Rozu?

Right now it is looking like quite a bit of touring and putting the final touches on our album early 2020.

A large thank-you to Rozu. If you haven’t checked out their new single ”Fading,” click the link below and cop an earful.

Instagram- @Rozu_Official

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