Culture House’s Raspberry Berliner Wiesse Beer

What is your favourite berry….? No one asked ever. I’ll tell you anyways. It is a toss up between a strawberry and a raspberry. Both versatile. Both delicious. Both ruin my white shirt. 

So when I saw this tall eye catching vessel with the words ‘Raspberry Berliner Wiesse Beer’, I needed to buy it and rush home to take awkward photos of it whilst my friends stared at me. “It’s for work, I swear…”

I pulled out this striking can of happiness mid drinking session with family, down in the Peninsula. My counterpart Chris pulled out his own Raspberry Berliner Wiesse Beer of another brand (great drinkers think alike I guess). 

Let me tell you, that first sip was an absolute delight. 

The fruity scent of spring radiated from the can, and that first sip… just lovely. It has the perfect combination of an actual proper identifiable beer taste – which can be rare with your fancier, fruit intensive craft beers – but with the unmistakable tang of raspberry. Not at all overwhelming – just purely complimentary. 

I had to share it around the table, and everyone had a sip with everyone putting in their comments, that I foolishly thought I’d remember after the night of drinking… not so much. But it turns out I didn’t need to. 

You’re classic Berliner Weisse Beer is a cloudier and often sour beer. It usually has a lower alcohol content (3-4%) as it’s a variation of a wheat beer, “kilned” at low temperatures. Thanks Internet.

On the can, they state they have found the balance of the raspberry sweetness with tart and sour flavours of your Berliners. I absolutely agree with that for sure. This is just a well-blended and refreshing drink that will be enjoyed by all. 

This is one for everyone to get around this summer. It is an easy sipper that won’t get you too drunk, but will give you that beer taste you need and the refreshing fruity flavour you lie about saying you don’t like -with the bonus of being able to still be able to drive home after.

These cans come at you at 3.5%. 375ml. So, 1 standard drink a piece. Perfect for driving too and from a bbq. 

My only issue with this beer is just that. It is only 1 standard drink. Selling for $20 for a 4 pack, I can’t help but feel a little let down. The taste makes up for it for sure. A great beer to start a day, or warm you up before you shift to spirits. I’ll be buying this again.

Article Written by Stefan Szarski
Co-Creator of DVOWR

If you’d like to know more about Stefan, Check out his profile.

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