Small Band Big Sound- Highline

Since forming early 2019 Sydney newborns ‘Highline’ are slowly creating a buzz in the live music scene, recently selling out The Vanguard for their single launch, ‘Mirror.’ After jamming together throughout highschool the lads have shaped their sound around artists such as Catfish & the Bottleman, DMA’s and Powderfinger and we fortunately had the privilege to chat with the band and grab some insights on their two singles.

~Had to Be Said~

‘Had to Be Said’ is filled with punchy drums, a well driven base line and notes of an old Kooks song ‘Naive.’ Overall, the tune is ridiculously catchy and it’s one of those songs that you hear once and it gets stuck in your head for a week – the chorus especially. Highline explained to us,”Had to be Said is about falling out of love with someone and is sort of the tipping point vocalised in a song. “Its not you, its me, nah its you”. Its just as honest as can be when it comes to the bitter end stages of a relationship.”

‘Had to Be Said’ is my go-to song of the two being more fast paced than their next song ‘Mirror’.


If your a closet fan of Sticky Fingers, but hate everything they are about, feast your teeth into this meal.

Mirror is a beautiful ballad, opening with soft guitar chords and dreamy vocals resonating the sounds of what you would normally hear from a typical DMA’s or Sticky fingers ballad. While being more of an emotional song than the previous one, it still maintains a strong vocal lead in the chorus.

The track is a cut-throat apology for acting a complete ass in the relationship and wishing the partner all the best in moving on. The band explained to us that Mirror is a song that they’ve really grown to love playing, and have enjoyed leaning into that folk style. THIS SONG COULD PUT YOU TO SLEEP and not because it’s boring, because its so dreamy, like floating on a cloud for four minutes.

The perfect tracks for an evening chilling in the backyard or for cranking up a house party where good tunes always equal good times. While my preferred genre being Melodic Hardcore Rock, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the two singles released. In what Highline has produce in just short of a year is truly impressive and I look forward to what they could achieve in the coming years. Highline’s EP is in its final stages with the date looking like early next year. What a perfect way to kick the year off! Check out their Instagram, give them a listen/follow and head on down to one of their upcoming shows.

  • 17/11 @ Hideaway Bar – Supporting Takeaway Sessions
  • TBC/12 @ Gallery Bar

Article written by
Chris Mcguinness
Co-Creator of DVOWR

If you’d like to know more about Chris, Check out his profile.

Images courtesy of Highline’s Instagram

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