Brookvale Union Ginger Beer

Brookvale Union Ginger Beer stood out to me and my friend mostly because we hadn’t had a ginger beer in a while and by god, we had a yearning for it!

Ginger Beer is an acquired taste with a mixture of fermented ginger spice, yeast, and sugar. It isn’t for everyone, but as I quite enjoy the odd non-alcoholic ginger beer, the alcoholic version should be quite nice too.

Brookvale Union is an Australian company with three alcoholic drinks to their name; Ginger Beer, Vodka and Peach Iced Tea and Spiced Rum Ginger Beer. They are 330ml cans with 4% alcohol (1 standard drink.)  

At first glance the packaging is fantastical and engaging with a Hindu inspired elephant, tiger, tiny ape (I assume) dancing on a pole, flowers and a very muted colour palette. It is unique and eye-catching.

After jumping onto the Brookvale Union website, I learned that they had quite a few issues with their can design with the Hindu community in Sydney. Their intentions were pure – they wanted to represent Asia, as ginger is primarily an Asian ingredient.

Alas, they outstretched their hands to the public to get constructive feedback or new designs inspired by Salvador Dali in particular, for their packaging so they can give it a little “bit of a nip and tuck.”

So, how is the drink itself? It’s… ok. Nothing special, just a light ginger beer. They went down easily with a bitter but sweet lingering taste that ginger beer normally has. While it had a hint of ginger taste and smell, I have had a stronger-tasting ginger beer and prefer that over this lighter summery version. There was no taste of alcohol, which was refreshing, and luckily, because the price is quite high at $26- 29 for a six-pack, there’s no risk of over-drinking.

After looking into Brookvale Union more, I am more interested in their other drinks; Spiced Rum Ginger Beer and Vodka and Peach Iced Tea which sound more interesting and worth trying at a higher price. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this again only because there are other, more exciting new flavours to try.

Article Written by Sam Howsen

If you’d like to find out more about Sam, Check out her profile.

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