Small Band Big Sound – Doonie Way

If you’ve walked past garages in Gippsland, Victoria, you may have heard some quality, chill, surf rock. If you look closer, emerging from that garage are the boys from Doonie Way who are chasing sunsets and bringing good vibes and even better tunes with them.

After dropping their first single Summer in September last year, there has been a slow drip feed of music from the boys. Most notably is the song Pavement released in December – think of an Aussie version of Basement from the UK. It really grabbed me.

It spawned out of a practice session at Blaike’s (drums) Gran’s House. After some noodling around with a bass line, the rest of the crew jumped in, and they have a banger song. We reached out to Doonie Way for some background on the lyrics. They told us it is a song about losing a loved one, a grandfather, and feeling a bit lost, and struggling with the knowledge that someone who was always there to support you – just isn’t anymore. I’ve felt that before, I’m just not talented enough to make a song about it. These guys on the other hand, turn that sensitivity and pain into something really worth your time. The lyrics are pretty simplistic, but the vocal work of Tim Irwin paired with the drums, guitars and bass makes for such a great listen – one to put on your playlist for when you’re on the train or walking the dog. The intro comes across as that more surf rock feel but drops into the Basement sounding riff. I’m a fan.

Their newest release Safe N Sound from August this year, is an absolute surf rock summer gem that captures that vibe perfectly. Tim’s voice links in with the guitars so well and it drops into the chorus and you’re taken to summer. “I want to chase the sunsets all around, stay up all night and hold you now”. It is a song about love and getting that high out of a relationship, while running away from it all with the one you love and having your feet not touch the ground. “Jump in my car and we’ll go right now”, – and that is just the crux of the whole song. This is prime road trip choons – this is summer in your ears. Check out some of our other reviews to find summer in a can, and pair these together.

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An older song, Mallacoota (that was released with Summer in 2018), is another perfect example of surf rock vibes, with the lyrics really embracing that life. “We used to hang out all summer, in the ocean tide….. camp out under the stars, drinking through the night,” – this is real chill surf summer vibes. It has a softer approach to reckless teenage fun. But if you were/are an ocean kid, this is almost word for word your story. Get around it.

Doonie Way’s profile notes Dear Seattle (DVOWR favourites) as an influence and you can definitely hear that ‘good mates playing music’ sound that bands like Dear Seattle, Luca Brasi and Hockey Dad just nail. Make sure to add Safe N Sound to your summer playlist and keep an eye out for some new gear over the coming months.

Article Written by

Stefan Szarski

Co-Creator of DVOWR

Want to know more about Stefan, Check out our About Us page.

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