Small Band Big Sound – About Monsters

About Monsters are monsters in your ears. They storm in with that great power rock vibe and excellent vocal work from front woman Maddy Wiebe. You get smacks of Tonight Alive, Dream State and DVOWR favourite – The Beautiful Monument.

It popped up in a randomised playlist for me, no doubt due to me smashing the above mentioned bands. This is quick-riff rock with a driving base and a great set of pipes. 

The first song I heard from the 5-piece, ‘High’ has a smashing chorus that pushed me through on the treadmill. It is a song that deftly touches on stepping outside of your comfort zone, of your physical space, and being ready to fly while others want to see you fall. But you’re getting so high and you can’t stop rising. So fuck them. Power tune for your work out or gaming – or general pent up angst that you want realised in sonic form. 

When I woke up this morning and prepped to write this Small Band Big Sound Review, I was delighted to see a new song had dropped. Stop the Clocks. It starts with a nice softer quick spoken opening verse before crushing you with a power chorus. Maddy calls your attention literally “HEY NOW” before telling you exactly how it is with her taking control. It is backed by some great percussion work and rocking riffage from Florian and Sönke respectively. It’s a banger of a song and I instantly added it to my playlist. 

Another gem, “Shadow” is the first single release from this outfit and gives you those Tonight Alive vibes. It is a seemingly self reflective song about, possibly unrequited, love – and following your heart and a person just like a shadow. 

About Monsters hail from Germany and are pretty much impossible to google in Australia. If you google ‘About Monsters’, it takes you to pages for ‘Of Monsters and Men’. Searching similarly with the song title ‘High’ doesn’t help you none either, as Monsters High is its own TV series with a soundtrack. FFS. After translating a few pages from German, I’m delighted to find out that they are releasing their debut album at the end of September (27th) featuring all three single releases. If the rest of the album grabs you like they do – this is one to get around for sure. Luckily, they are easy to find on Spotify or your other streaming service. 

Give them a listen. Give them a like on socials. Bulk out your playlists with some power rock. 

Article Written by

Stefan Szarski

Co-Creator of DVOWR

Want to know more about Stefan, Check out our About Us page.

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