Booze Review- Social Beast – Bremanity

I’m an introvert. 

Not a huge fan of big crowds, or even leaving the couch really. So a colourful can with the words ‘Social Beast‘ on it, wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when asked “if you were a beer, what kind would you be?”. A question, that I never get asked….

However, the weather was nice, the vibe was up and it felt right to tuck into a few – and SHIT OFF… was I happy I did. 

Social Beast, from your friends at Bremanity (fan of that name), is a delightful tropical hops. The local Pale Ale comes in a colourfully designed piece of artwork by noted Froth Artist Clint Weaver. It’s a simple but powerful yellow, with an image of the beast flanked by friends at the bar. It’s an eye catcher. 

Rimmed with Good Beer, Good Deeds, you’re amongst mates in this positively delightful drink, making positive contributions to the community. 

The story for this brew is on Brewmanity’s website here, and on the cans themselves. It tells a tale of mates dreaming of starting their own brewery and is inspired by raising funds for a mate suffering from Motor Neurone Disease “the Beast”. With this beer, they are giving back and donating from every beer sold. To tame the best.

Good Beer, Good Deeds, Good Times. 

The beer itself is a pineapple and passionfruit love affair. It captures that perfect pale ale taste that I love. Light and hoppy – it’s easy to drink and easy to enjoy by anyone. It has fruity flavours but with a bitterness that doesn’t overwhelm. That lighter hoppy finish that gets you clambering for the next one.

Coming at you in that colourful 4.5% 375ml bad boy can – you’re looking at 1.3 standard drinks, with a 6 pack costing under $24. For such a great tasting craft beer, that is more than a reasonable price, and with every good beer you drink – you’re doing a good deed. Make something positive out of your drinking habit.

This is a great drink to drink alone, with mates or at a party. It’s easily palatable for those that aren’t big on beer. Have enough and it might just bring out the social beast in you. I was in fine form on the weekend thanks to these.

Definitely will buy again. As we are coming into summer, this is one to get around. 

Article Written by

Stefan Szarski

Co-Creator of DVOWR

Want to know more about Stefan, Check out our About Us page.

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