Gig Review – WAAX @ The Corner Hotel

It was all waxing and no waning at The Corner Hotel this weekend.
Ahead of their debut album “Big Grief” dropping on the 23rd of August, WAAX are doing a run of shows in select parts of the country. Your friends at DVOWR managed to get along to see them rip up the stage at The Corner, and F*ck off, did they do just that!

They busted onto the stage and started the set with FU (a personal favourite of mine) and from that first riff – the crowd was every bit engaged. FU has an awesome chorus that works incredibly well in a live setting for a bit of call and respond with the crowd – and it went off.

The energy that Maz (Mary DeVita) maintained through the whole set was insane. This girl gave everything to the crowd and she got a whole lot back. Like Thor channelling lightening through his hammer, Maz channelled energy and that scream through the microphone – electrifying everyone in the crowd.

The sound team were on point – the guitars and drums were absolutely smashing it the whole way through. But Maz had everyone’s focus and quite rightly so. They played a few fresh cuts off the new album that we hadn’t heard before and they sounded really tight and completely at home – like they were songs from a few tours ago. But your stand out tracks were FU, Wild and Weak, I Am and Labrador. They just did not disappoint.

The whole crowd screamed every lyric and it was such a great sight to see and hear. I’ve spoken about it before, and even though The Corner is a smaller venue, it easily manages to capture the feel and vibe of one of the bigger ones. So 400 people screaming “Nobody hurts me! And fuck you for trying” is really something.

A special guest even made it on stage for the encore song Labrador -Melbourne local and lead singer of Camp Cope, Georgia Maq. And she threw down. But Maz on the mic was a high energy, vocal cord burning awesome powerhouse. She really did leave it all out there on stage for the punters. I woke up the next morning, a bit hazy, to the news that they had to cancel the Sunday under 18’s show, as her voice needed a hugely deserved rest.
Something I did notice, was just how grateful and humble the band was, especially with what they were getting back from the crowd. Maz made it seem like she was taken aback from the response and that this was crazy and unexpected. But from the set at large – you felt that these were almost seasoned professionals. Crazy to see, crazy good to be a part of.

If you get the chance to see WAAX live. Take it. Seriously… take it. Also do yourself a favour and keep an ear out for their album release on the 23rd August. If it is anything like their previous work, and from the glimpses we got at the set – it’s going to be well worth your time.

Thanks WAAX, from the team at DVOWR, for an awesome night.
And everyone keep an eye out for our upcoming album review on WAAX’s Big Grief.

Article Written by

Stefan Szarski

Co-Creator of DVOWR

Want to know more about Stefan, Check out our About Us page.

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