Small Band Big Sound – The Lazy Susan’s – Now That The Party’s Over

After stumbling on The Lazy Susan’s track “R U OK,” late one night I found myself asking myself “am i?”


Forged in The Blue Mountains (NSW) The Lazy Susan’s (FKA Antonia and The Lazy Susan’s) now reside in Melbourne and have tailored their tracks around hurt, sacrifice, loneliness and bulk emotions. The four piece self claim ” we sing sad songs.” And don’t they just.

The album starts off with “R U OK,” and instantly brings me back to that late night I discovered this bunch. Being my number one, it was quickly overshadowed by Track 2 REACHING OUT. This song hit me hard and pulled my heart strings with lyrics like, “Nobody ever told me, how lonely, being an adult will be,”
As I sat there… being an adult… by myself. Lonely.

I was a little hesitant to push on, in case someone walked in on me crying.

Track after track I felt a sense of belonging from If I Hurt You, Nice Bones, Wasted, Help Me Help You and Care About Yourself. Three quarters of the album have been on my high rotation since its release and I recommend them to anyone that loves deep lyric’d heart on your sleeve tunes.

Honourable mention to “Mutual Memory,” that chorus made we wipe away my tears and scream the verse,

“Someday I won’t even think about you, you won’t even think about me. 
We’ll be mutual memories
Someday I won’t even think about you, 
I won’t even dream about you like I used to, like I still do
Someday, I’ll find a way, won’t hurt this much
won’t hurt as much.”

I’m sure the bloke’s at work think I’m having some troubles at home singing that out loud.

The Lazy Susan’s are touring Australia throughout October – so grab yourself some tissues, a beer and go support these Aussie gems.

Article Written by

Chris Mcguinness

Co-Creator of DVOWR

Want to know more about Chris, Check out our About Us page.

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