Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers / Sly Withers / Slowly Slowly @ The Corner Hotel.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers (TJJT) – Stefan

Safe to say I’d had a few beers before we got anywhere near the band room at the Corner Hotel. We wanted to get there early to make sure we saw the support acts before Slowly Slowly. In hindsight, getting there at 2pm for a gig with the first act going on after 9pm was a bit ambitious – but worth it.

First up, Teens for Jesus and the Jean Teasers. A band I knew nothing about, but I instantly loved their name. If you’ve not been to the Corner Hotel in Richmond, the Band room is pretty small, great for intimate shows, but then kicks the F*ck off with some heavier bands. Chris will tell you about Trophy Eyes when you’re older. This band came up through Triple j Unearthed High and pretty soon started playing alongside some great acts. 

We rocked in, and the lights on stage perfectly back lit this group of women, guitars aloft. And they threw down. Belting out a few excellent pumping tunes that I’d never heard before but instantly became a fan of. Went to the bar, got a drink, TJJT threw down another track, went to the bar, got a drink, another banger. These girls from Canberra brought some excellent pop punk almost 90’s rock to the Band room. And I’m glad they did. Pretty much listened to them most of my Monday at work. One of the better Mondays I’ve had. 

TJJT are a four piece band fronted by Anna Ryan on some powerful vocals and flanked by Scarlett and Jaida on the guitar and bass. On stage they looked imposing and excellent, with a great energy that set the scene for the night we were going to have. 

I LIKE THAT YOU LIKE THAT is a banger and a half. I’m a pretty non religious person, but this band makes you believe. Might even wander into a church if I wasn’t scared of bursting into flames. 

One to watch. 

Sly Withers – Chris

After a long depressing month of dry July I rewarded myself to 200,000 beers and a ticket to one of my favourite up and coming bands – Sly Withers. The Sly have always kept me drooling with an Indie-punk singalong sound that rivals The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi.

There set was everything I could wish for and I soon lost my voice screaming the lyrics to songs I had memorised for the last year. With CLOSER being my favourite followed by NIKE SHOE and SAD GUY.

I even forgot to grab a beer – I was that into their set.

Sam Blitvich and Jono Mata share the lead vocals, so the stage set up has both vocalists at opposite ends of the stage. It was really impressive watching the tennis match of lyrics going back and forth.

To make the night even better I had the chance to pinch a light and have a chat with the boys before their set. Being Western Australians they were easy to notice as they were rugged up like they were heading to the snow.

We chatted for a good 15 minutes about the tour and more important questions like ”what they call their chicken parmas,” (Much to my disgust all call them parmi’s). Aside from that very disappointing fact they were the best bunch of blokes, even letting me grab a photo with them before heading off for the show.

I also found it astonishing that these boys still have jobs back in W.A when it’s clearly evident that this is what they should be doing full-time. I look forward to a future album and a tour of their own. If all else fails these boys could take up modelling. Just look at these dreamboats.

If you ever get the chance to see these guys I can promise you that you will have the time of your life and wake up with a sore head.

These fellas made my night. Cheers boys.

Slowly Slowly – Stefan

This is the second time we’ve seen Slowly Slowly, and the second time they’ve absolutely fucking nailed it for us. Earlier in the day (like 2pm when we rocked up) we saw Ben, excited, Chris (in the least manly voice you’ve heard from a 6ft country boy), said “hi Mr Ben”. From that point on – we knew it was going to be a great night. 

The energy they had on stage was vibrant and powerful. Electric. Just awesome. Lyrically Ben Stewart is pretty incredible, carving some deep verses that make you think and reflect without even knowing it. Some lines are so fast and dark, but in an upbeat tone that makes every song a treat. What’s even better is listening to the 400 strong crowd in the Band room sing every single word along with him. Chris and myself definitely did our best to contribute. Sorry for those standing with us. 

SMILE LINES, ALIENS, ALCHEMY and JELLYFISH are just some of my favourite songs at the moment. And what the boys were throwing at us on stage was just awesome. Smile Lines in particular has some incredibly deep lyrics, do yourself a favour and listen to the acoustic version on YouTube. But then hearing one of my favourite songs of the year, sung by 400 people, is such a surreal moment that I wont forget anytime soon. 

They looked effortless on stage belting out crowed pleasers after crowd-pleasers. Ben crowd surfing and being held aloft by his adoring fans. A great moment that I couldn’t assist with as I was holding my two beers.

A very cool thing that they did was give most of the punters a lanyard, with a number on it. If you find your matching number, you can get a discount on drinks at the bar. A nice way to meet people and make for a really friendly and lovely atmosphere in the crowd. 

Readers, seriously, do yourself a favour and see these guys live. If you’re too late for this tour, get them wherever else you can. 

$30 bucks to see three awesome bands and an awesome night. The Corner Hotel doesn’t disappoint, and these bands made it a night to remember. The gin makes that difficult, but I’ve got enough to be pumped up all week. 

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