Album Review: Polish Club – IGUANA

“They’re not polish, they are actually from Sydney.”

John Howard

Let’s start off by saying, I am an Oz hardcore/pop-punk kind of guy – but I always find myself coming back to Polish Club. They have made it into my Triple J hottest 100 votes for the last few years. I was pretty wrapped when I checked my Spotify this morning and saw that they had dropped an album.

Without coffee, I awoke, and geared myself up – ready to commute to work with the first song on the album WE DON’T CARE!

Although I’ve heard this song played on Triple J for the last few weeks, why not hear it again? It’s an absolute choon.

After listening to a few songs (including my recently voted CLARITY) I stumbled across track 5 BREAKAPART and fwwwaaarrrk me if this song isn’t an absolute tuna.

By far my favourite song on the album.

It is played in the hallways of my house over 10 times a day – big hit with the misso! From TIME CRISIS to AS LOW AS IT GOES, where we see the band slow it up a little, I’m still deep inside this album…..

Lead singer Dave Novak (love child of Jimmy Barnes and Tina Turner) instantly melts my car radio. Just listening to his gut snarls at the 3:34 mark of WE DON’T CARE – gets my phallus hard.

As for Johno on the drums… all you need to do is listen to CLARITY from 2:30 onwards and you will hear the ugliest drum line – that will leave you punching your steering wheel with excitement and quitting your 9 – 5.

The rest of the album has some solid songs. However, I didn’t particularly connect with any of them. Not saying they’re bad, just can’t compare them with the other songs that I like. They’re just not on the same level.

Iguana finishes on I DON’T NEED THIS ANYMORE and if you haven’t quit your job yet… then it’s time to give your boss a buzz.

This album gets an 8/10 from me.

It would have got a 10/10 if they had put BREAKAPART on every track (that song is such a banger – bloody hell!).

Solid album Polish Club – wish Australia gave you guys more air time than Billie Eyelash.

Cheers homies.

Article Written by

Chris Mcguinness

Co-Creator of DVOWR

Want to know more about Chris, Check out our About Us page.

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