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Polaris – The Death Of Me (Album)

So I’ve been sitting on this one for a little while. I wanted to give it its due. On top of that, my non DVOWR work tends to sort of culminate in a two week nightmare sprint that reviews 12 months of my work. So, a stressful time to say the least.  Arguably something that... Continue Reading →

To Octavia – They Tell Me They’re With Me (Single)

You know the feeling when you hear a new single from a band that you've not heard of before and the track is that good you scramble through their Spotify in hope every other song is on the same level? Muttering to yourself, ''Who the fuck is this band? They're from Melbourne? Am I out of touch?"... Continue Reading →

Dance Gavin Dance – Prisoner (Single)

I've been extremely lucky to trek through this life with an amazing father named Gavin, but unfortunately after a few Passion fruit UDL'S he does like to dance/convulse - so you could imagine this introduction has been hard for me. What helps ease the reoccurring nightmares is the announcement of DANCE GAVIN DANCE's upcoming ninth... Continue Reading →

Halo Alcoholic Kombucha

Now that we are into February and gotten through the socially intense time of December and January. The taste for alcoholic beverages has probably worn thin or at the least started to be difficult to choose what to buy or how you feel when staring at hundreds of bottles and cans vying for your attention.Enter: Halo... Continue Reading →

Stand Atlantic – Shh! (Single)

God damn Stand Atlantic, I know I say it from time to time as we review things here at DVOWR. But this powerful four piece is a huge favourite of mine. Bonnie Fraser is the definition of a power punk rock vocalist, perfectly supported by the band that manage to emphaises her soaring vocal work,... Continue Reading →

The Amity Affliction -Catatonia (single)

''What’s one more day a week a month a fucking year, If I’m constantly shrouded by nothing but fear.'' Joel Birch brutally tears his esophagus out on The Amity Affliction's newest single 'Catatonia'. The new record will be their first since announcing their signing to Pure Noise Records and the Third song from Amity's upcoming seventh... Continue Reading →

Byron Bay Brewery Lager

Knock off time. End of the day when it's time to wind down, head home and get rested for the next. Not you? Yeah me as well, when i look at my watch it reads beer o'clock not five o'clock. You immediately drive to the closest Dan Murphy's, narrowly missing parked cars as you Vin... Continue Reading →

10 Quick Questions with Rozu.

After the release of their new gut wrenching single ''Fading,'' Denver, Colorado based post-hardcore heavy hitters ROZU took some time to shoot the shit and answer 10 quick questions. From ''what albums they'd bring to a deserted island,'' to ''what they think of our homeland heroes HANDS LIKE HOUSES'' - we were sure to ask... Continue Reading →

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