Small Band Big Sound – The Lazy Susan’s – Now That The Party’s Over

After stumbling on The Lazy Susan's track "R U OK," late one night I found myself asking myself "am i?" Yes I am, (A HUGE FAN OF THE LAZY SUSAN'S DEBUT ALBUM "NOW THAT THE PARTY'S OVER.") Forged in The Blue Mountains (NSW) The Lazy Susan's (FKA Antonia and The Lazy Susan's) now reside in... Continue Reading →


Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers / Sly Withers / Slowly Slowly @ The Corner Hotel.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers (TJJT) - Stefan Safe to say I’d had a few beers before we got anywhere near the band room at the Corner Hotel. We wanted to get there early to make sure we saw the support acts before Slowly Slowly. In hindsight, getting there at 2pm for a gig... Continue Reading →

About us

What is DVOWR? You know those drinking sessions where things quiet down at 2am, some people have gone to bed and a handful of people are sitting round the fire, talking shit? After talking about your shitty week at work, conversation inevitably moves to “we should buy a bar” or “we should start making our... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Apex Legends (Season 2 BattleCharge)

Developer: Respawn EntertainmentGame Type: FPS Battle RoyalPrice tag: Free to play Platforms: PS4, X1, PC tl;dr: If you like fast paced first person shooters, this game is among the best handling and feeling that you’ll play in this generation... so far. It’ll take you back to Halo Reach, in terms of getting your character around... Continue Reading →

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